BURRIS Leuchtpunktvisier AR 536 m. Picantinny-Montage Abs.BallisticReticle

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AR-536T Prism Sight "Bigger and badder" is the best way to describe the AR-536 which sets a... mehr
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AR-536T Prism Sight

"Bigger and badder" is the best way to describe the AR-536 which sets a new standard for tactical prism sight performance.
Its 5x magnification makes it easier to find and engage targets out to 600 yards, while the larger 36mm objective delivers brighter,
crisper images. Burris' proven Ballistic/CQT lighted reticle is ideal for tactical operations or friendly competition.
Shooters can choose the high contrast black reticle, or select red or green depending upon the situation.
Five different illumination settings make it easy to match any light condition.

This ruggedly built optic will stand up to recoil, abuse and weather.
Key features include multi-coated lenses, adjustable diopter, integrated lens covers and three Picatinny rail mounting points.
Remove the bottom rail mount and it can be readily mounted to an AR carry handle.
It is ready for the range right out of the box.

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