C-MORE Leuchtpunktvisier STS2 schwarz 6 MOA - Big Dot

C-MORE STS2 schwarz
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The STS2 is C-MORE Systems smallest reflex sight. Just like our competition sights, the STS2... mehr
Produktinformationen "C-MORE STS2 schwarz 6 MOA - Big Dot"
The STS2 is C-MORE Systems smallest reflex sight.

Just like our competition sights, the STS2 head up display provides an unobstructed sight picture in which the red dot hovers on the sight line, illuminating the point of impact on the target, creating the fastest target acquisition in existence, and unlimited eye relief. Similarly it uses a beam-splitter lens made of glass hard coated for maximum scratch resistance, and light transmission, while the parallax free design enables targets to be acquired without the need to center he dot in the lens.
The STS2 uses a CR2032, lithium battery that is contained within a removable battery tray which permits battery replacement without dismounting the sight this eliminates the need for re-zeroing when replacing a battery. The battery tray is O-ring seled, and is part of the waterproofing that goes into every STS. A 10 position manually operated push button switch provides precision intensity adjustment, previous intensity return, and auto off after 8 hours of inactivity.

The STS2 aircraft alloy housing and electronics are designed to handle the hottest loads from large caliber firearms. The STS2 provides 1 moa click adjustment for windage and elevation resulting in pin point accuracy. A positive locking screw for both windage and elevation lock the adjustment screws in position.

  • Small Compact Design
  • 10 position manually operated Push Button Intensity Switch with previous intensity return and auto off
  • Aluminum Body
  • Precision 1moa Click Adjustments With Lock
  • Glass Lens
  • Available in Black
  • Removable Battery Tray
  • Water Resistant to 1 meter
  • Ultra Bright Red Dot available in 3 or 6 MOA

    NOTE: Mounting kits for the STS2 are sold separately.
    WGR = OLE
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