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Products from aimSport

aimSport develops unique hunting and shooting sports products that are sold and distributed worldwide. For example, the TRITON concept that combines the best aluminum and stainless steel! With such a silencer in your warranty you get a number of advantages.

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aimSport Triton50 -1/2-28 UNEF
aimSport Silencer - with License Triton50 -1/2-28 UNEF Gewindeteil -alle Kaliber
Der neue aimZonic Triton 50S ist das Flaggschiff aus dem Hause aimSport und steht für maximale Dämpfungsleistung. Der Triton 50S verbindet die besten Eigenschaften eines Aluminium-Schalldämpfers mit der Belastbarkeit einer...
€215.00 *
aimSport Triton50 -5,7
aimSport Silencer - with License Triton50 -5,7 Vorderteil -Teleskop-SD
Triton 50 This is the choice for you who wants the shortest possible silencer on your 30.06 or heavier caliber rifle. With its low weight and the same, short, addition of the barrel length of less than 11 cm this companion will ensure...
€170.00 *