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Products from ANSCHÜTZ

The independent family company is one of the leading producers in the sector of hunting and target rifles.  We produce Hunting and rimfire rifles, small bore biathlon rifles, the famous ANSCHÜTZ target small bore rifles and target air rifles.

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ANSCHÜTZ 1517-U4 4 Schuss
ANSCHÜTZ Magazin 1517-U4 4 Schuss .17HMR
€68.30 *
ANSCHÜTZ 1516-U4 4 Schuss
ANSCHÜTZ Magazin 1516-U4 4 Schuss .22 WMR/Win.Mag.
€59.00 *
ANSCHÜTZ 1420-U5 5 Schuss
ANSCHÜTZ Magazin 1420-U5 5 Schuss .22lr
€57.00 *
ANSCHÜTZ 1420-U13 10 Schuss
ANSCHÜTZ Magazin 1420-U13 10 Schuss .22lr
€66.00 *
ANSCHÜTZ Visierung 7020/20 M18
ANSCHÜTZ Rearsight/Iris Visierung 7020/20 M18 #000938
Rear sight 7002/10, 20 clicks / per rotation Front sight CENTRA M18 incl. aperture clamping screw and transparent aperture.
€525.00 *
ANSCHÜTZ Mod. 1780 D FL Nuss Classic
ANSCHÜTZ Repeating Rifle Mod. 1780 D FL Nuss Classic 9,3x62 'Vorführwaffe'
Technische Daten Gesamtlänge (cm):109 Gesamtewicht (kg):3.2 System Material:Hochfestes Aluminium Öffnungswinkel der Kammer (Grad):60 Verriegelung:Zweireihiger Sechs-Warzen-Verschluss (2x3) im Lauf Verriegelungsfläche (qmm):Über 70...
€1,399.00 * €2,269.00 *
ANSCHÜTZ Mod. 54.30 mit System
ANSCHÜTZ Interchangeable Barrel Mod. 54.30 mit System .22_lr
Conversion Kit (with system) The new Match 54.30 can be installed into all available stocks which fit with the ANSCHÜTZ round match actions such as the 1907 or 1913. Like other ANSCHÜTZ products, the Match 54.30 features a maintenance -...
€2,368.00 *
ANSCHÜTZ Lagerblock-9003
ANSCHÜTZ Target Shooting Accessory Lagerblock-9003
€67.50 *
ANSCHÜTZ Mod. 1727 F
ANSCHÜTZ Rimfire Repeating Rifle Mod. 1727 F .22lr
Model 1727F - straight pull repeater in caliber .22 l.r. The 10000-times proven Biathlon straight pull action with repeating device in connection with the match two-stage trigger allows very fast repeating which results in important...
€2,999.00 *