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In 2019 Beretta launched the offensive into the pistol sector's dynamic shooting with the new 92x Performance. Our most popular models are the 1301 Competition, Cx4 Storm, the 92 and 87 pistols, as well as the 690 and 692 shotguns in various versions.


Since 1526 Beretta is one of the largest manufacturers of handguns in Italy. With hundreds of years of experience and investment in technology, organization and new product lines, Beretta has responded to global market demand in the 21st century. Quality without compromise - this maxim was defined almost five centuries ago by Bartolomeo Beretta and continues to form the foundation of today's business.

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BERETTA f. 92er Series
BERETTA Competition Holster f. 92er Series One EVO PRO -black
BERETTA Competition ONE EVO PRO Holoster for 92 Series Updated design for the fastest holster in the IPCS world thanks to the half-sphere closure. Specifically designed for the 92X, it will fit all 92 series models. Regulate it to have...
€135.00 *
f. 92x Performance 15 Schuß
BERETTA Magazine f. 92x Performance 15 Schuß 9mm Luger
€43.00 *
BERETTA MicroCore / Jagd
BERETTA Recoil Pad MicroCore / Jagd 10mm / schwarz
€34.00 *
BERETTA Mod.694 Sporting -76cm
BERETTA O+U Shotgun for Shooters Mod.694 Sporting -76cm 12/76
Beretta 694 Der nächste Schritt zur Perfektion! Die Beretta 694 ist die konsequente und logische Weiterentwicklung der erfolgreichen 692er Serie. Diese Sportflinte wurde in enger Zusammenarbeit mit einigen der weltbesten Schützen...
€4,140.00 *
BERETTA f. 92FS-22/M9-22/M9A1-22
BERETTA Magazine f. 92FS-22/M9-22/M9A1-22 .22lr 15Schuss
Ersatzmagazin für original Kleinkaliberpistolen 92FS-22, M9-22 und M9A1-22 Passt nicht für das 22er Wechselsystem des Modells 92FS
€57.00 *
BERETTA Mod. 92x Perfomance
BERETTA Pistol Mod. 92x Performance 9mmLuger
Race Gun in Garda style The new Beretta 92X Performance pistol presented at the IWA in Nuremberg transposes the most famous Italien pistol 92 into one optimized for competitive shooting, especially for dynamic shooting. The Beretta 92X...
€1,499.00 *
BERETTA Mod. 1301 Competition Pro
BERETTA Semi-Automatic Shotgun Mod. 1301 Comp Pro 12/76 LL 61cm
BERETTTA 1301 Competition Pro The 1301 Comp Pro includes a new polymeric stock with the Kick-Off Plus system consisting of two elastomer dampeners complete with return springs, positioned near the rubber insert, which effectively...
€1,875.00 *
BERETTA Mod. 92 FS Centennial -5' SAO
BERETTA Pistol Mod. 92 FS Centennial -5' SAO 9mmLuger
The Beretta 92 FS Centennial 9mm is the new celebratory Beretta from the Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta, which is the oldest still active gunmaker in the world, as well as the biggest and most globally known. 2015 marks the one hundred...
€3,495.00 *
BERETTA Mod. DT 11 Sporting AS BFast
BERETTA O+U Shotgun for Shooters Mod. DT 11 Sporting AS BFast 12/76
Technical Details: Barrel length (cm): 76 (30') Chamber (mm): 76 (3') Choke: extended OCHP Gauge: 12 Rib: ventilated Stock: adjustable CheekPiece
€8,775.00 *
Mod. M9 A3 FDE
BERETTA Pistol Mod. M9 A3 FDE 9mmLuger
M9A3: Evolution of the Tactical-Pistol Concept With the M9A3 semiauto pistol, Beretta has created a coming-together of all the tactical and functional features that today's combat professionals may require. From Vertec-style thin grip to...
€1,749.00 *
Mod. 691 Jagd
BERETTA O+U Shotgun for Shooters Mod. 691 Jagd 12/76 71cm OCHP
Der neue Standard für eine erfolgreiche Jagd mit Stil! Modernste Steelium-Läufe mit OCHP-Chokes und perfekt abgestimmter Ballistik treffen auf ein elegantes und unverwechselbares Design, attraktive Floralgravur und ausgesuchte Hölzer....
€2,645.00 *
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