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CED Chronograph/Timer Timer #7000 Tactical/IPSC Schwarz-Schwarz

CED Timer #7000 Tactical/IPSC
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Technical Specifications: Weight: 80 grams, 2.9 Oz. Dimensions: 100x47x17mm (3.94"x1.85"x0.7")... more
Product information "CED Timer #7000 Tactical/IPSC Schwarz-Schwarz"
Technical Specifications:

Weight: 80 grams, 2.9 Oz.
Dimensions: 100x47x17mm (3.94"x1.85"x0.7")
Power supply: Internal rechargeable Lithium battery. Will power the unit for close to 30 hours of normal use (25 hours of match use) before a charge is needed. 1.5 hour charging is sufficient.
Beep volume and frequency: 110db+, 25.000HZ
Clock precision displayed: 0.01Sec
Connectors: 1 Auxiliary jack emits a 5-volt DC current in exact conjunction with the buzzer. 1 power supply plug, to be used with the optional external battery pack

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CED (Competitive Edge Dynamics) is a manufacturer of shooting electronics and accessories for the practical shooting community. Known in the shooting industry for over 27 years, CED produces high quality and functionally designed shooting products including timers, chronographs, scales, bags, backpacks and hundreds of other shooting products for the global market.

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