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DPMS Firearms, LLC is headquartered in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and is currently one of the second largest manufacturers of AR-15 rifles. In addition, Randy Luth holds four US patents for innovative AR-15 rifle products with an additional patent pending. These weapons and patented accessories are currently used worldwide by law enforcement agencies, military personnel and civilians, including America's best shooters and big game hunters.

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D P M S f. AR15
D P M S Magazin f. AR15 .22lr
€45.95 *
D P M S Mod. AR15 -3G1 -18'
D P M S Semi-Automatic Rifle Mod. AR15 -3G1 -18' .223Rem
Technische Details : 18"-Stainlesslauf, schwarz beschichtet Drall 1-8" Miculek Compensator V-Tac Free Float Vorderschaft Gasblock mit PicatinnySchiene Hogue Rubber Grip Magpul CTR Teleskop-Schaft
€1,899.00 *