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Products from Dynamic Arms Research

D.A.R. GmbH is a medium-sized German company specializing in the manufacture of high-quality automatic sporting and hunting rifles of the AR-15 and AR-10 type. With all products the particularly high quality requirement stands in the foreground.  

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Dynamic Arms Research Mod. DAR-15 IPSC
Dynamic Arms Research Semi-Automatic Rifle Mod. DAR-15 IPSC .223Rem
D ynamic A rms R esearch AR15 IPSC Modell DAR-15 IPSC Laufhersteller DAR // Lothar Walther Kaliber .223Rem Lauflänge 425mm// 16,75" Drallprofil 203mm//8" Laufkontur Super Light Barrel Laufmaterial Spezial-Gewehrlaufstahl Laufbeschichtung...
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