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Defective product

If the delivered article is defective and the deadline for revocation has expired, please fill out this form.

You will receive a reply from us within a short time after sending this form with the further procedure.


If the object of purchase is defective, the provisions of the statutory liability for defects shall apply. Notwithstanding this, the limitation period for warranty claims for used goods is one year from delivery of the goods to the customer. 

If you notice the defect later than six months after purchase, the burden of proof will change, i.e. you must prove to us that the item already had a defect on delivery. 


A guarantee is a voluntary service provided by many manufacturers. If damage occurs within the guarantee period, the manufacturer will take over the free handling without complications. Because it is an additional promise of the manufacturer, the scope of a guarantee varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Within the guarantee period you can contact the manufacturer yourself or contact us.

Defective product
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