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Products from GSG

German Sport Guns (GSG) manufactures modern and historical replicas of well-known semi-automatic weapons using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

The GSG-MP40 & StG 44 are approved for sport shooting and correspond in weight and handling almost to the originals. The GSG pistols are especially designed for the caliber .22lr and are appreciated as training firearms as well as for many rimfire disciplines because of their quality and reliability. They are suitable for .22lr HV cartridges.

Attention: We only stock the articles listed by Waffen-Schumacher - but not the articles from the GSG shop.

Achtung: Wir führen nur die Artikel, die bei Waffen-Schumacher gelistet sind - nicht jedoch die Artikel aus dem GSG-Shop.

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GSG f. GSG-15
GSG Magazin f. GSG-15 .22lr 22Schuss
€59.00 *
Mod. GSG-15 Sport -schwarz
GSG Rimfire Semi-Automatic Rifle Mod. GSG-15 Sport -schwarz .22lr 10-Schuss (BKA-Bescheid)
Model: GSG-15 Standard Calibre: .22 LR Action: Semi-Auto Trigger Type: SA 25N / 5.50 lbs Barrel Specifications: 16.53" High Precision Barrel, 6 Grooves Sights: Equipped with Open Sights (Retractable / Adjustable) Finish: Black Stock...
€449.00 *
GSG f. 1911 -5'
GSG Pistol Conversion Kit f. 1911 -5' .22lr
GSG 1911 Conversion Kit Kaliber .22 l.r. Das GSG-1911er System im Kaliber .22 l.r. aus Vollmetall im klassischen Colt Government 1911-Full Size-Format Das GSG 1911 Conversion Kit ist ein komplettes Wechselsystem auf Kaliber .22 l.r. mit...
€219.00 *
GSG f. StG44 (lang)
GSG Magazin f. StG44 (lang) .22lr 10Schuss im 20er Body
€39.95 * €45.00 *
GSG Adapter auf 1/2x20 UNF
GSG Pistols Tuning/Spare Part Adapter auf 1/2x28 f. GSG-1911/GSG-922/GSGFireFly
Silencer-Adapter 1/2"-28 UNF für GSG-1911, GSG FiryFly und GSG-922
€6.95 *
GSG f. GSG-15
GSG Magazin f. GSG-15 .22lr 10Schuss
€49.00 *
GSG Adapter auf 1/2x20 UNF
GSG Guns Spare/Tuning Part Adapter auf 1/2x20 UNF f. GSG15 / StG44 u.a.
Innengewinde M16x1 (waffenseitig) auf 1/2x20" passend für GSG5 / GSG522 / GSG15 / StG44
€14.95 *
German Sport Guns f. MP40 23 Schuss
GSG Magazin f. MP40 (22-KK) .22lr 22Schuss
€42.00 *
GSG f. StG44
GSG Magazin f. StG44 .22lr 25Schuss
€45.00 *
GSG f. Ruger 10/22 mit Adapter
GSG Magazin f. Ruger 10/22 mit Adapter .22lr 110Schuss
Trommel-Magazin für die Ruger 10/22 mit 110 Schuss in Kaliber .22. Lieferung OHNE Waffe
€79.95 *
German Sport Guns SD-Adapter f. GSG1911
GSG Pistols Tuning/Spare Part Fake-Suppressor f. GSG1911 lackiert
Silencer-Fake for GSG199 modells The fake silencer with standard thread for the GSG-1911. Can be mounted without adapter.
€34.95 *
German Sport Guns f. GSG-16 10 Schuss
GSG Magazin f. GSG-16 .22lr 10Schuss
Kurzes Zusatzmagazin für die GSG-16 im Kaliber .22 mit 10 Schuss. Artikel Magazin für GSG-16 Kaliber .22 lr HV Magazinkapazität 10 Schuss
€39.95 *
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