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Products from KEPPELER Germany

For 30 years, KEPPELER has been trying to get the best out of every single weapon. So it is not surprising that the boss Gert Peter does not release a rifle for shipping, without him even hand once again and has teased out the last tenths of improvement. His motto is: A good shooting performance is the best business card!

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KEPPELER Germany f. Bullpup Sniper Blockmontage
KEPPELER Germany Mount Set f. Bullpup Sniper Blockmontage Picatinny (vorn) m. Ringen
Picatinny scope mount with rings 1" / 30mm / 34mm
€490.00 *
KEPPELER Germany Aufschub 11mm Prisma
KEPPELER Germany Mount Set Aufschub 11mm Prisma 30mm Ringe 1-tlg.
mount with 30mm rings - also avaiable with 1'' rings or ZEISS VM rail - with surcharge avaiable with 34mm ring or Swarovski SR rail
€254.00 *
KEPPELER Germany Mod. 300m Freigewehr K09
KEPPELER Germany Single Shot Rifle Mod. 300m Freigewehr K09 div. Kaliber Stahlsystem
Details for all Keppeler's 300m Free Rifles: - Free-floating, heavy mm match barrel - Easy loading and taken out of cases due to perfectly designed opening window - Short firing pin travel and therefore a very short lock time - 100 g...
€4,774.00 *
KEPPELER Germany Mod. Sportgewehr KP mit S03
KEPPELER Germany Single Shot Rifle Mod. Sportgewehr KP mit S03 6mmBR/308/7mm-08/222/223 u.a.
The KP with the metal stock S03 is our all-purpose rifle. Depending on the chosen caliber it can be used for benchrest shooting, long range shooting and also in the ISSF 300 m disciplines. The round action holds a bolt with seven locking...
€3,109.00 *
KEPPELER Germany Mod. 300m Freigewehr Precise
KEPPELER Germany Single Shot Rifle Mod. 300m Freigewehr Precise div. Kaliber Stahlsystem
Keppeler 300m Free Rifle Metal stock PRECISE hook butt plate 100 g match trigger mirage band approx. 6.1 kg - barrel length 26'' (65cm) w/o Extn. Piece - barrel diameter 24mm (0.95") Chose your caliber: .222 Remington .223 Remington 6 mm...
€5,360.00 *
KEPPELER Germany Benchrestauflage f. KS V
KEPPELER Germany Shooting Accessory Benchrestauflage f. KS V #080067 f. Bullpup
Picture shows KS V Bullpup Sniper in .338 Lapua Mag. with #080066 mouting for night-vision device (1) #080067 benchrest fore-end (2) and #080068 bipod for KS V (3)
€199.00 *
KEPPELER Germany Mod. 300m Freigewehr Anatomic
KEPPELER Germany Single Shot Rifle Mod. 300m Freigewehr Anatomic 6mm BR/.308 Win./.223 u.a.
Keppeler 300 m free rifle is alternative to metal stock K05-F also available with an Walther Anatomic stock. The steel action leads to high stiffness and torsional rigidity. The low action offers the possibility to mount the sights close...
€5,800.00 *
KEPPELER Germany Kornträger, verstellbar
KEPPELER Germany Target Shooting Accessory Kornträger, verstellbar #080035 (25 + 27mm)
frontsight carrier adjustable (25 + 27mm)
€107.00 *
KEPPELER Germany Rifle Rest -Voderschaftauflage
KEPPELER Germany Shooting Rest/Shooting Bag Rifle Rest -Voderschaftauflage #090008 -ohne Sandsäcke-
Front rest, hight adjustable, approx 13kg without sand bag
€766.50 *
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