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Krüger-Druck Pellet Targets LG-Scheibe ISSF 10ER 250 Stk 10X10cm

LG-Scheibe ISSF 10ER
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  • TR201513
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Product information "Krüger-Druck LG-Scheibe ISSF 10ER 250 Stk 10X10cm"
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In 1966 the first Krüger shooting targets went into production. Today, Krüger-Druck is the world's leading manufacturer of shooting targets in ISSF quality with sales in over 150 countries worldwide.

Krüger-Druck is the only manufacturer of shooting targets and target supports worldwide that is certified by both world associations ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation) and WA (World Archery Federation). Since 2009 they have been "Official Supplier of the German Shooting Federation for paper targets" and produce its signature targets.

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