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Back in 1982, Swift started out making component bullets in Quinter, Kansas, using C&H dies in a loading press. The rifle bullets were made from 22 rimfire hulls with Corbin tools. About two years later, Swift began production on a new rifle bullet for large game and invested in more equipment. Further testing and bullet refinement led to what was to become known as the A-Frame®, with a copper-jacketed and bonded core design. The A-Frame® bullet became a commercial offering in 1984, when Swift placed a small ad in Shotgun News to begin selling bullets through the mail.

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SWIFT 358-250- A-Frame
SWIFT Rifle Bullets 358-250- A-Frame 50 Stk
€119.90 *
SWIFT 7mm/284-150-Scirocco
SWIFT Rifle Bullets 7mm/284-150-Scirocco 100 Stk
€109.90 *