2% VAT Reduction Discount

Instead of changing our prices, we voluntarily give a 2% reduction or 2% cash discount for all goods and services which we deliver or charge with VAT (value added tax) in the period from 01.07.2020 to 31.12.2020. There is no value added tax on vouchers and used goods.

This discount will be displayed in the shopping cart as "2% VAT reduction discount".

Why "only" 2% discount?

No retailer is obliged to pass on the reduction in VAT to the customer. We do this voluntarily and as simply and fairly as possible for you and for us.

A) As simple as possible:

Many consumers fear hidden price increases. However, we do not change our prices unless our suppliers send us new price lists. Instead, we give a 2% reduction or 2% discount on the "old" prices.

The value added tax is calculated on the net price, not on our prices including VAT. The reduction from 19% to 16% therefore only results in a reduction of 2.52% of the online price, the reduction from 7% to 5% results in a reduction of 1.87%. Our IT department is not able to consider decimal places in the discount or rebate.

Therefore 2% on everything that is charged with value added tax.

B) As fair as possible

We also grant this discount for orders placed before 01.07.2020, but which are only invoiced in the period from 01.07. to 31.12.2020. We ourselves have an immense amount of extra work in these six months for this - in our opinion - unreasonable and bureaucratic decision.

The majority of the reduction (2%) goes to our customers. We use the difference (0.52%) to finance the immense additional expenditure.

What happens in 2021?

For all orders that were issued with a 2% VAT reduction discount before 31.12.2020, but which can only be served after 01.01.2021, the 2% discount or the 2% discount shown in the order will not apply.

As we are only allowed to charge for items subject to license after presentation of the purchase authorisation, we recommend that you ensure that we receive this permit prior to 31.12.2020.

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