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For more than 60 years VOERE has been one of the most innovative and modern companies in the field of precision engineering. The hunting and sporting weapons developed and produced just below the traditional fortress of Kufstein enjoy worldwide renown and are still considered a secret tip. Product innovation - the anti-terrorist weir AM 180, the fastest rifle with laser aiming device as early as 1972, the serial production of the first hunting rifle for ammunition with burnable cartridge cases or the TakeDown system, where the shaft can be removed by means of a quick-change lock.

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VOERE MündungsBremse
VOERE Guns Spare/Tuning Part MündungsBremse f. Varmint LBW
gefertigt aus Stainless-Vollmaterial Gewinde M19x1 andere Gewinde NICHT möglich
€349.00 * €399.00 *