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Wilson Combat strives to be a leader in the research, development, manufacture and distribution of the world's finest in firearms and firearms accessories. Wilson Combat produces powerful pistols and tactical rifles and accessories.

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WILSON Schlittenfanghebel -9mm/.40 WILSON Pistols Tuning/Spare Part Schlittenfanghebel -9mm/.40 brüniert
erfordert Anpaßarbeiten durch kompetenten Fachmann Oberflächenbehandlung erforderlich KEIN Plug&Play
€59.90 *
WILSON Sicherung stainless breit WILSON Pistols Tuning/Spare Part Sicherung stainless breit f. Colt 1911-beidseitig /423S
KEIN Plug&Play Artikel erfordert IMMER Anpaßarbeiten
€99.90 *
WILSON Magazintrichter zum Anstecken WILSON Pistols Tuning/Spare Part Magazintrichter zum Anstecken f. 1911 brüniert #188B
Our Custom Magazine Well provides a large beveled opening for super fast magazine changes without adding unnecessary bulk to your pistol. These magazine wells are manufactured from solid steel to provide a durable and attractive addition...
€51.90 *
WILSON Magazinhalter 1911 -sts #31S WILSON Pistols Tuning/Spare Part Magazinhalter 1911 -sts #31S vergrößert, ohne Kleinteile
#31S A fumbled magazine change can mean the difference between a win and a loss in any speed shoot competition. That's why most competitive shooters prefer our Extended Magazine Release with its wide checkered button for quick magazine...
€68.90 *
WILSON Schlittenfanghebel .45 WILSON Pistols Tuning/Spare Part Schlittenfanghebel .45 verlängert, stainless
The use of this extended slide stop allows the right thumb to actuate the slide release with minimal grip change, which can save valuable time. Fits 1911s chambered in 45 ACP. May require minor fitting. Gunsmithing Required: No Notes:...
€101.90 *
WILSON Federsatz reduz. Abzuggewicht WILSON Revolvers Spare/Tuning Part Federsatz reduz. Abzuggewicht f. S&W K-L-N Rahmen
Wilson Combat Custom-Tune Spring Kit S&W K, L, N-Frame Custom-Tune Spring Kits contain the finest gun springs available, made from high tensile spring wire for reliable function, smooth operation, consistency and long life. Reduced Power...
€29.90 *