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Born out of a small living room, Zev Technologies has grown to be the leading premier manufacturer of performance components for pistol, rifle and AR platforms. 

ZEV Technologies produces performance upgrade components for the leading firearm domain.

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Z E V technologies Steuerfeder (PRO) ca.1,6kg
ZEV technologies Pistols Tuning/Spare Part Steuerfeder (PRO) ca.1,6kg f. alle GLOCK
The PRO Upgrade of the V4 Race Connector for Glock The ZEV pro connector on average will deliver a 15% reduction in trigger pull weight from a stock Glock trigger. Compatible with all Glocks Gen 1-5 except for the G42 and G43. After two...
€30.90 *
ZEV technologies Federsatz reduz. Abzuggewicht
ZEV technologies Pistols Tuning/Spare Part Federsatz reduz. Abzuggewicht f. Glock Pistole
The Zev Tech Competition Spring Kit. Made from the best spring material, not your typical piano wire. The Glock trigger pull weight is determined by springs and connector. Use this kit with the Zev Tech Connector for the lightest trigger...
€21.95 *
ZEV technologies Abzugsfeder +28%
ZEV technologies Pistols Tuning/Spare Part Abzugsfeder +28% f. alle Glock Modelle
This spring is 28% heavier than stock and provides additional force to assist the operator in pulling the trigger and providing a more positive reset.
€8.60 *