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GRS SPORTER/ VARMINT This rifle stock is tailor made for competition hunting. A full and... mehr
Produktinformationen "Grodas Rifle Stocks Sporter Information"

This rifle stock is tailor made for competition hunting.
A full and lowered forend gives a good grip and helps improve the standing shooting position.
The grip has a six degree angle to the side to aid the shooter to an ergonomically correct position.
The comb and the recoil pad can be easily adjusted with pushbuttons - the SpeedLock system.
This unique system allows you to quickly adjust the length and height of the stock between shooting positions no tools needed!

At the lowest comb position any bolt can be pulled from any system. Both the comb and recoil pad can be fully removed.

All stocks is provided with a 0.5" Limbsaver/GRS recoil pad.


  • Oiled finish
  • 0.5" Limbsaver/GRS recoil pad
  • Stratabond Laminate
  • SpeedLock adjustment
  • LOP 35-38cm
  • 30mm adjustment LOP and cheekpiece
  • Weighs 1400grams (+ - 5% depending on weapon inlet)
  • 100% drop in inlet
  • Same price for RH and LH stocks!
  • Available in 6 colours

    Picture shows complete rifle
    Some stocks with 10% surcharge when backend and foreend are two pieces, e.g. Sauer 202

    Available for:

    Blank RH
    Blank LH
    Blaser R93 LH
    Blaser R93 Offroad/Professional RH
    Browning A bolt LA
    Browning A bolt SA
    Browning X bolt LA
    Browning X bolt SA
    Browning X bolt SSA
    Carl Gustav/Husqvarna 1900
    CZ 452
    CZ 455 American
    CZ 550 Standard
    Howa LA
    Howa SA
    Howa LA LH with RH inlet
    Howa SA LH with RH inlet
    Kongsberg 393/ Lakelender
    Mauser M03
    Mauser M67/M98 with Large Ring
    Mauser M98 LH with RH inlet
    Remington 40 X
    Remington 700 BDL LA
    Remington 700 BDL SA
    Remington 700 LA LH
    Remington 700 SA LH
    Remington 700 BDL LA LH with RH inlet
    Remington 700 BDL SA LH with RH inlet
    Ruger M77 Hawkeye LA
    Ruger M77 Hawkeye SA
    Röessler Titan 6
    Röessler Titan 6 LH
    Sako 75 III
    Sako 75 IV
    Sako 75 V
    Sako 85 long
    Sako 85 Medium
    Sako 85 short
    Sako Quad
    Sako Vixen
    Sauer 200 STR LH
    Sauer 200 STR
    Sauer 202 LH
    Sauer 202 magmun
    Sauer 202
    Savage 116 LA DM
    Savage 12 SA DM
    Savage 12 SA
    Savage 112 LA
    Savage 16 SA DM
    Schultz & Larsen M97 DL LH
    Schultz Larsen Classic
    Schultz Larsen /Victory
    Schultz Larsen Classic DL LH
    Schultz Larsen Classic DL
    Tikka 595
    Tikka 695
    Tikka 595 LH
    Tikka 695 LH
    Tikka T3 LH
    Tikka T3
    Tikka T3 LH with RH inlet
    Winchester M70 LA with floorplate
    Winchester M70 SA with Floorplate
    Winchester M70 SA without Floorplate
    WGR = WSC

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