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SAKO Matchbüchse Mod. TRG-42 Stealth .338_LapuaMag

SAKO Mod. TRG-42 Stealth
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The Sako TRG 42 is a firearm for serious long-range competitions and can be equipped with a vast... mehr
Produktinformationen "SAKO Mod. TRG-42 Stealth .338_LapuaMag"
The Sako TRG 42 is a firearm for serious long-range competitions and can be equipped with a vast array of accessories to meet the most demanding requirements.

The TRG 42 in 300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua Mag is a true long-range precision tool for special forces or competitions. Configurations include a black and green stock with blued barrel and action or an all-black stealth configuration featuring a black stock and bolt with phosphatized barrel and action. The stock is fully adjustable and reinforced with high-tech aluminum.

The solid vault-like action is cold hammer-forged from special steel alloy. Integral 17 mm axial scope mounting rails have integral recoil stop-slots on the top of the receiver. The sturdy bolt with three locking lugs feeds rounds flawlessly from the centerline of a detachable staggered 2-row magazine. It has a reliable feed for various ammunition types. The bolt lift is at a 60° angle for fast bolt throw.


The Sako TRG 22/42 2013 update introduced an improved recoil pad. This updated pad has refined material to reduce the feel of recoil, allowing for better control and recovery.


The 2013 TRG update also introduced a new trigger mechanism for both the 22 and 42 models. This new mechanism ensures improved safety measures in case the rifle is accidentally dropped. It also features a new safety lever, which is ergonomically positioned and designed to make it faster and more convenient to use. The TRG 22/42 bolt handle attachment has been improved to withstand even the roughest handling.


The TRG 42 2013 update introduced new double plungers. These make frequent cartridge ejection even more seamless.


The TRG-22/42 is designed to meet individual demands, and adjusts to each shooter's personal style, build and posture. The aluminium re-inforced composite stocks are available in two colour options: black or green. The stock is designed for both right and left handed shooters. The rear stock is adjustable in height and cast off/on, and features cheekpiece which can be adjusted laterally and with spacers also vertically. The butt plate is adjustable for distance and angle trough the use of spacers and is also infinitely adjustable in height and pitch. The fore-stock features integral slot for fast mounting/dismounting of TRG adjustable steel bipod.


Action frame is cold hammer-forged from special alloyed steel, stiff and sturdy for extra rigidity. The receiver is stabilized with three fastening screws. All Sako TRG receivers are are drilled and tapped for an accessory Picatinny rail. Integral 17mm axial scope mounting rails with recoil stop-slots.


3-locking lug bolt, with 60 degree opening angle for fast bolt throw. Reliable extractor, active ejector. The bolt is black in all Sako TRG configurations.


The reliable Sako TRG magazines are detachable, center-feeding 2-row staggered and feature buttons on both sides providing better grip and easy & fast detaching. Magazine capacities are 10 rounds for cal. 308 Win, 7 rounds for cal.300 Win Mag and 5 rounds for cal. 338 Lapua Mag.
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