YANKEE HILL MACHINE  wurde 1951 gegründet. Seitdem hat sich YHM zu einem Marktführer in der Welt der Komplettausbauten, Zubehör und Geräuschunterdrückungssysteme entwickelt. YHM sind Experten in der Schusswaffenindustrie.

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YANKEE HILL MACHINE Abdeckkappe 15/16' für
YANKEE HILL MACHINE Tuning/Ersatzteil f. Langwaffe Abdeckkappe 15/16' für Multirail 'FreeFloat'
This screw-in end cap is the perfect way to accessorize the end of your YHM handguard. The end cap helps keep out large debris and does not affect the free-float characteristics of the handguards.
32,85 € * 36,50 € *
YANKEE HILL MACHINE Mini Riser Mount 0,5''/12mm
YANKEE HILL MACHINE Zubehör f. Montagen Mini Riser Mount 0,5''/12mm f. Weaver/PicatinnyProfil
This high quality riser from Yankee Hill Machine is designed for mounting optics or other accessories on a Picatinny rail. It is made to raise your accessory or optic by 1/2" which can be very helpful when mounting a scope or red dot...
27,50 € *
YANKEE HILL MACHINE Adapter f. Pica/Weaverschiene
YANKEE HILL MACHINE Zweibein Adapter f. Pica/Weaverschiene Alu -schwarz
Rock Solid Platform For Bipod Attachment Lightweight, slimline design eliminates the clunky extra baggage look that goes along with trying to mate a bipod to a AR-15/M16 handguard. The rugged, aluminum platform with fixed attachment stud...
33,00 € *
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