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100 Years Triebel

On June 20th 2015 we celebrated our re-opening and our 100th anniversary with individually invited guests. A very big thank goes to our suppliers, who contributed significantly to the success of the celebration, through greetings, gifts, donations for the tombola and Goddie Bags (in the five-figure range) and their presence.


Raffles and Goodie Bags

In addition to the prizes mentioned above, we received an infinite number of donations for the raffle and the many Goddie Bags. Each guest left the celebration with a full surprise bag containing a DVD by Blaser, interesting articles by Helmut Hofman, VDB and VISIER/caliber and merchandising (lanyards, pens, stickers) by Helmut Hofmann, LEICA, RUAG, VISIER/caliber and DWJ.

With the prizes donated by the suppliers we organized three raffles with 5 prizes each with a total value of over 2000 €. All proceeds of the ticket sales - worth a total of 1000 Euros - went to the German Rifle Association. Katja Triebel has been a member of the organisation team of the German Rifle Association (GRA) and the English-speaking Firearms United since 2013. Both organisations have in common that they work on an honorary basis without membership fees, one with the focus on Germany, the other with the focus on international, especially EU. It is very pleasing that both organisations are supported by all4shooters.com.

We would like to thank all our guests, suppliers and the full event service of Partyloewen-Berlin, who made this wonderful party possible for us.

Impressions of the 100th anniversary celebration

The History

For more than 250 years the Triebels are active as gunsmiths, in 1915 great-grandfather Paul Thom founded the location in Berlin-Spandau - a real traditional company. In 1935 his son-in-law Walter Triebel took over the company. Walter Triebel descended from the arms forge town of Suhl and the traditional gunsmith family Christian Friedrich Triebel. He spent five years as a journeyman in Central Europe before settling in Berlin. His son Klaus Triebel continued the tradition, his grandchildren Kristian and Katja Triebel took over in 2004 and turned the traditional neighbourhood business into a modern supplier of hunting and sporting weapons that supplies the whole world.



With this catalogue, ancestor Christian Friedrich Triebel from Suhl promotes his "manufacture of first-class utility and luxury rifles".


Great-grandfather Paul Thom founds the Berlin gun shop.


Walter Triebel, a master gunsmith from Suhl, takes over the business of his late father-in-law.



Klaus Triebel, at the time the youngest German master gunsmith, takes over his father's business. He parts with the steel goods and offers traditional costume fashion together with his wife Ute Triebel. He changes the company name to "Klaus Triebel Jagd-Trachten-Loden".



Until reunification West Berlin is under Allied administration. Every purchase and sale, even the transports, require Allied approval. No weapon is allowed to be stored at home. This situation changes 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall.



The first webshop, with 10,000 articles, is installed. The export business grows. Customers come from six continents. The offer of traditional costume fashion is abandoned.

The shooting performance group SLG T'nT Berlin is founded.



Former juniors Katja Triebel and Kristian Triebel take over the business and change the company name to "Triebel Jagd- und Sportwaffen".



The webshop is replaced by a bilingual webshop.



New rooms for office, shipping and warehouse are added.



The shop is completely renovated in May/June.

The 100th anniversary is celebrated.