Pickup and Delivery Service

Pickup- und Lieferservice


Triebel's Pickup Service

This is how the pickup service works:

  1. Place your order in our online shop
  2. Select "Pickup" as the shipping method.
  3. Select your payment method. We recommend contactless payment without cash.
  4. Submit order
  5. Wait for our email with PDF attachment, that the goods are ready for pickup.

Triebel's delivery service

During the corona lockdown, we drastically reduced shipping costs within Germany

Goods without purchase authorization

  • 0 instead of 5 € for over-the-counter goods (with value of 25 € or more)
  • 10 instead of 15 € for shipping "free weapons" and blank cartridges with proof of age
  • 25 instead of 30 € for the delivery of irritants with proof of age

Goods with purchase authorization

  • 20 to 30 instead of 25 to 35 € for guns or ammunition up to 10 kg
  • 40  instead of 45 € for guns and ammunition up to 30 kg
  • from 42 instead of  52 € for guns and  ammunition from 31 kg


We repair, take on new repairs and zero-in your gun. For this we need the presentation of your WBK and all NWR-IDs. We also advise you on new acquisitions. 

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