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Order Status

No matter how you order, whether with our webshop, by telephone, email or in the shop, we maintain your inquiries with our enterprise resource planning system as follows:

  1. Offer (no order acceptance)
  2. Order (order acceptance)
  3. Delivery note (reservation)
  4. Invoice (Shipping)
  5. Credit memo (return)
  6. Repetition of orders

1. offer (order is in process)

You will receive a PDF of your I-Shop order with special conditions or questions if something in your order is unclear or an offer on your questions. e.g.:

  • You had made an informal purchase request or asked for an offer.
  • The article has special provisions regarding mode of shipment or purchase conditions.
  • According to our experience the ordered articles do not fit together or need obligatory additional articles, which were not ordered.
  • The ordered goods can only be accepted by firm order.

If you agree with the offer, you must confirm it.

If you do not agree with the offer you do not need to reply. We did not accept any order. We cancel I-Shop orders after a short time. 

2. Order (purchase order is being processed)

If you receive an order by email the goods have not yet left our premises. 

  • There are not all articles in stock - the missing goods will be ordered immediately by us.
  • Your purchasing authorization is missing.
  • We haven't received your prepayment yet.
  • Your order has been cancelled by you or us.

As long as the package is not shipped you can extend or shorten your order. In contrast to conventional shippers we always charge the parcel costs. For this reason there are no free partial deliveries.

We confirm order changes by email. Your original order number 0xxxxx will be replaced with a suffix /1 or /2, /3 ... provided.

This information is not in your order history here in the shop.

3. Delivery note (partially completed)

If you receive a delivery note by email the goods have not yet left our premises but are reserved for you as binding.

  • Your authorisation to purchase is missing (proof of age, WBK, etc.).
  • You have ordered in prepayment but the cash receipt has not yet been booked.
  • We store the goods for you separately.
  • You have selected self-pickup.

From your original order of articles which don't request an authorization we will reserve these internally by delivery note after receipt of the missing articles for you. On special request, we can send you the delivery note status each time until the order is fully in stock. You can request partial deliveries for a fee at any time.

At present, the order status in the online customer account does not change if we have sent a delivery note by invoice.

4. Invoice (Completed)

If you receive an invoice by email, the goods will leave our premises shortly thereafter.

Usually you will receive an email with the tracking number from the shipping company shortly afterwards.

5.Credit memo (return)

If you return goods, the value of the goods will be credited to your customer account. If you return goods, we will transfer the amount paid to your bank account or to your credit card on special request. In case of exchange, the amount will be offset against the delivery invoice of the exchanged item.

Im Moment ändert sich der Bestellstatus im Online-Kundenkonto nicht, wenn Sie Artikel zurücksenden.

6. Repetition of orders

You can display your orders in the online shop on your customer card and repeat them (including cancelled orders). This is useful if you want to change the payment to credit card or if you want to reorder some items.