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Bullets for Rifles

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HORNADY 7mm/284-154-TM spitz
HORNADY Rifle Bullets 7mm/284-154-TM spitz 100 Stk 2830
€51.00 *
RWS 7mm/284-162-KS
RWS Rifle Bullets 7mm/284-162-KS 50 Stk 10,5 g
€76.20 *
NORMA 358-250-ORYX
NORMA Rifle Bullets 358-250-ORYX 50 Stk 16,2g
€76.20 *
CLASSIC 330-115-TMR (8mmLebel)
CLASSIC Rifle Bullets 330-115-TMR (8mmLebel) 100 Stk
€62.00 * €88.50 *
LAPUA 30-167-Scenar
LAPUA Rifle Bullets 30-167-Scenar 100 Stk GB422-4PL7069
Kaliber: 7,62mm (.308) Prod-Nr. 4PL7069 Bezeichnung: Scenar Geschoss: GB422 Typ: OTM Geschoßgewicht: 10,85g/167grain VE: 100 Stück Umkarton: 1000 Stück
€60.00 *
LAPUA 6.5mm/264-100-OT Cutting Edge
LAPUA Rifle Bullets 6.5mm/264-100-OT Cutting Edge 100 Stk #4PL6015
€44.95 * €48.00 *
NOSLER 30-125-AccuBond
NOSLER Rifle Bullets 30-125-AccuBond 50 Stk #52165
€49.50 *
LAPUA 30/7,62-100-OT Cutting Edge
LAPUA Rifle Bullets 30/7,62-100-OT Cutting Edge 100 Stk #G477
Lapua Cutting Edge – the first choice bullet for short ranges An open tip bullet capable of incredible accuracy, the Open Tip Cutting Edge leaves an easy to score hole in your target, thanks to its innovative design. When you are looking...
€39.00 *
NORMA 9,3mm-285-ALASKA
NORMA Rifle Bullets 9,3mm-285-ALASKA 50 Stk 18,5g
€77.60 *