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Return of goods

The following formulas and tips are not a prerequisite for the effective exercise of the right of cancellation for private consumers. However, they help us with the practical implementation.

Cancellation (Revocation)

If the goods have not yet been shipped, you can use this form to completely revoke/cancel your order or only to cancel single articles.

Formular Cancellation

Tip: Our packages are usually picked up after 2 pm or the next morning. If you receive an invoice by email for articles that you wish to cancel, please call us so that we may be able to stop shipping:
Phone: +49 30 355959-0


If you have already received the goods, private customers can cancel the entire contract within 14 days without giving reasons using this form or informally.

Formular Return

Transport Damage or Loss

If you suspect that your shipment has been lost or the goods have been damaged during transport, you can report this using this form. You will receive a reply from us within a short time after sending this form with the further procedure.

Formular Transport Damage or Loss

Tip: If the packaging has already been damaged during transport, you can refuse acceptance. 

Incorrect Delivery

If we have delivered wrong quantities or wrong articles, or an article is totally missing, please fill out this form.

Formular Incorrect Delivery

Tip: It is often easier to call us during business hours: +49-030-33 55 001.

Guarantee & Warranty

If the delivered article is defective and the deadline for revocation has expired, please fill out this form:

Formular Defective Product