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BLASER Schaft: RückstoßDämpfer
BLASER Surcharge for new guns Schaft: RückstoßDämpfer f. R8 Ultimate
RECOIL ABSORPTION SYSTEM The quick and easily inserted recoil pad with recoil absorption system makes for a pleasant shooting experience - even with larger calibers. The internal absorption elements are available in different hardness...
€256.00 *
BLASER Schaft: verstellbare Kappe
BLASER Surcharge for new guns Schaft: verstellbare Kappe f. R8 Ultimate
ADJUSTABLE RECOIL PAD The adjustable length, height and pitch of the recoil pad offers a variety of practical advantages. It can be adjusted quickly and easily for different shooters or, depending on weather, different clothing situations.
€464.00 *
BLASER Schaft: verstellbarer Rücken
BLASER Surcharge for new guns Schaft: verstellbarer Rücken f. R8 Ultimate
ADJUSTABLE COMB The intuitively operated, multi-level adjustable comb ensures the perfect mounting in every situation. Once the adjustable comb is fitted to your individual body proportions and your optics, the integrated memory function...
€412.00 *
SAUER Lauf: 47cm mit Gewinde M15x1
SAUER Surcharge for new guns Lauf: 47cm mit Gewinde M15x1 f. 404/101 in bestimmten Kal.
Lauf-Kürzung bei Neuwaffen auf 470 mm inkl. Mündungsgewinde M15x1 f. 404 nur bei Kaliber: .308 Win., .30-06 Spring., 8x57 IS, 9,3x62 f. 101 nur bei Kaliber: .308, 8x57 IS
€378.00 *
BLASER Gravur: Laufwurzel
BLASER Surcharge for new guns Gravur: Laufwurzel f. für die meisten Modelle
Barrel base engraved
€766.00 *
BLASER Option: Abzüge goldfarben
BLASER Surcharge for new guns Option: Abzüge goldfarben f. KipplaufWaffen
Trigger Gold-coloured
€242.00 *
BLASER Gravur: Laufwurzel + Goldfaden
BLASER Surcharge for new guns Gravur: Laufwurzel + Goldfaden f. viele Modelle
Motiv: Englisch, Altdeutsch oder Eichenlaub mit Goldeinlage Bild zeigt Beispiel
€1,490.00 *
KRIEGHOFF Gravur: Monogramm gestochen
KRIEGHOFF Surcharge for new guns Gravur: Monogramm gestochen Optima-Ultra-Classic-Hubertus
- 2 initials flat engraved - integrated into the top lever or the trigger guard With surcharge: - engraved into a separate plate, which is fitted into the pistol grip of the rear stock - deep engraving - initials in silver - initials in...
€211.00 *
BLASER Schaftfarbe Dunkelgrün
BLASER Surcharge for new guns Schaftfarbe Dunkelgrün f. R8 Professional
Color Dark Green
€0.00 *
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