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The Benelli brand is a symbol of innovation, elegance, reliability and excellent production in the field of semi-automatic rifles. Founded in 1967, the first semi-automatic shotgun was born with inertial system. Today, Benelli is the world leader in the sale of semi-automatic shotguns in 78 countries.

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BENELLI Mod. 828U Sport
BENELLI O+U Shotgun for Shooters Mod. 828U Sport 12/76 LL 76cm
BENELLI 828U SPORT Exclusively designed for Sporting and Compak, 828U Sport is based on the revolutionary Lock Plate, the unfailing closing system of 828U Platform, while vaunting a 100% Sporting DNA. The Extraordinary Dynamic Behavior...
€3,799.00 *
BENELLI f. M3: Slug Scope m. Weaversch
BENELLI Interchangeable Barrel f. M3: Slug Scope m. Weaversch 12/76 50cm LL Cyl.
BENELLI Wechsel-Lauf M3 Super90 Slug Weaverschiene auf dem Lauf FixChoke 'Cylinder' Lauflänge 50cm
€724.00 *
BENELLI Mod. 828U -silver-
BENELLI O+U Shotgun for Hunters Mod. 828U -silver- 12/76
A shotgun that feels and shoots like a Benelli from the moment you pick it up to the moment you break it open. When innovation and inspiration collided the 828U was born - the first over/under worthy of the Benelli badge. With the...
€2,995.00 *
BENELLI Kompensator m.Adapterchoke
BENELLI Guns Spare/Tuning Part Kompensator für Mobilchoke f. M3/M4
Compensator for Variochoke Barrels with thread M24x1 - complete with Chokeadaptor - Improved
€250.00 *
BENELLI Mod. M4 Super 90 TS MC
BENELLI Semi-Automatic Shotgun Mod. M4 Super 90 TS MC 12/76 LL 510mm - Teleskop
Highly reliable in every situation and resistanf against corrosion non-reflective MILSPEC-coating on all metall parts (phosphated) barrel hard-chromed Magtube with capacity up to 7 rounds (depends on ammunition). Can be eaysily limited...
€2,349.00 *
BENELLI f. M4 Super90
BENELLI Stock f. M4 Super90 Jagdschaft Kunststoff schwarz
€135.00 *
BENELLI Mod. M4 Super 90 'H2O'
BENELLI Semi-Automatic Shotgun Mod. M4 Super 90 'H2O' 12/76 Pistolengriffschaft
Highly reliable in every situation and resistanf against corrosion non-reflective TITANIUM-Cerakote-coating on all outer metall parts barrel hard-chromed critical inner parts also coated for high resistance and reliablility Magtube with...
€2,399.00 *
BENELLI Pump Action Shotgun Mod. SuperNova IPSC 12/89 LL 66cm (9+1)
Benelli SuperNova IPSC Basierend auf dem erfolgreichen Konzept der Benelli Nova-Repetierflinten ist die neue Supernova die konsequente Weiterentwicklung. Die Genialität dieser Waffe basiert auf der geringen Anzahl der Einzelteile. In...
€1,239.00 *
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