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Products from GERBER

Gerber knives are made exclusively in the USA with exceptionally high quality. Since 2003 GERBER is also the company to personalize your hunting equipment. They own laser engraving machines and commercial embroidery machines to do this in high quality.

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GERBER Aufbrech-Säge m. T-Griff
GERBER Field Care/Butchering Aufbrech-Säge m. T-Griff 8,5cm Sägeblatt -Stahl SK 5
Für passionierte Jäger ist die Gerber VITAL PACK SAW ein ideales Werkzeug. Die Knochensäge von Gerber verfügt über ein 8,6 cm langes Sägeblatt aus SK5 Stahl, dessen Spezialzahnung in Verbindung mit dem quer angebrachten ergonomischen und...
€24.95 *
GERBER Jagdmesser Vital
GERBER Fixed Blade Knife Jagdmesser Vital austauschbare Klinge
Featuring one of the safest Exchange-A-Blade options out there, a surgically sharp blade cuts through game easily and requires no extra tool if you need to replace the blade on the fly. The orange handle is easily spotted and a large...
€42.00 *