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Products from HOGUE

Hogue, Inc. is a proud American-owned and innovated family business since 1968. Each hogue product, from pistol grips to long pistol shafts to specialty knives, equipment and accessories, is built with fine craftsmanship.

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HOGUE f. S&W-K/L/N/X RB Combat
HOGUE Grips f. S&W-K/L/N/X RB Combat Soft Rubber/Fingerrillen
HOGUE Monogripp S&W K, L, N, X, Z Frame Round Butt Rubber Tamer Conversion hinten geschlossen für alle Rahmen außer J-Rahmen nicht für SquareButt passend
€35.00 *
HOGUE f. Ruger MK IV
HOGUE Grips f. Ruger MK IV Soft Rubber/Fingerrillen
€38.50 *
HOGUE f. S&W-J RB Bantam
HOGUE Grips f. S&W-J RB Bantam Soft Rubber/Fingerrillen
€38.50 *
HOGUE Grips f. SIG P226 Soft Rubber vorne offen
ohne Fingerrillen - passend auch für DAK
€38.50 *
HOGUE Trommelschieber S&W
HOGUE Revolvers Spare/Tuning Part Trommelschieber S&W Ar-Trade, stainless
für das schnelle Ausschwenken entwickelt eventuelles Anpassen nötig
€135.00 *
HOGUE Grips f. S&W-N SB Soft Rubber/Fingerrillen
€38.50 *
HOGUE f. Colt 1911
HOGUE Grips f. Colt 1911 Soft Rubber/Fingerrillen
€38.50 *
HOGUE f. Colt 1911 mit Palm Swell
HOGUE Grips f. Colt 1911 mit Palm Swell Panel Style - Soft Rubber
Passend für Colt 1911 / Government .45 und Klone mit Handballenauflage
€26.95 *
HOGUE Griffüberzug f. Taschenpistole
HOGUE Grips Griffüberzug f. Taschenpistole z.B. PP/PPK/Colt .380 u.a
Material: Black rubber, built-in finger grooves Finish: Textured Fits: Most 22, 25 and 380 ACP pocket pistols, including Walther PPK, PPK-S, PP, Colt 380 Government and Mustang, Beretta and Taurus with tip-up barrel, American Arms,...
€12.50 *
HOGUE f. CZ75/CZ85/P9/TZ-85/Sphinx
HOGUE Grips f. CZ75/CZ85/P9/TZ-85/Sphinx Soft Rubber/Fingerrillen
passend für: CZ-75, CZ-85, TZ-75, EAA Witness 9mm, Springfield P9 and Sphinx
€38.50 *
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