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Products from MEC GAR

MEC-GAR is a privately owned family business founded in 1965 by Edoardo Racheli. MEG-GAR is 100% dedicated to the manufacture of firearm magazines. These are not to be surpassed by state-of-the-art stamping equipment and own manufacturing techniques. The advantage is a one-stop shopping center for technical design support, prototypes, tool design and development, metal stamping and assembly.

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MEC GAR f. 1911 - m. Magazinschuh
MEC GAR Magazine f. 1911 - m. Magazinschuh 9mmLuger 10Schuss
Modelle: Colt 1911 und baugleiche Kaliber: 9mm Kapazität: 10 Schuss /länger als Griffstück Material: Stahl Farbe: Schwarz abnehmbarer Magazinboden /Kunststoff
€33.00 *
MEC GAR f. Mark III 22/45 Ruger
MEC GAR Magazine f. Mark III 22/45 Ruger .22lr 10Schuss
Dieses Magazin ist NICHT für Ruger Mark IV 22/45 geeignet
€25.00 *
MEC GAR f. P226 SIG 10 Schuß
MEC GAR Magazine f. P226 SIG-Sauer 9mmLuger 10Schuss
Caliber 9 mm Capacity 10 Rounds Carbon steel tube, heat-treated for strength Polymer follower High strength music wire for the spring . sku MGP22610B
€39.90 * €46.00 *
MEC GAR f. Mark II Ruger
MEC GAR Magazine f. Mark II Ruger .22lr 10Schuss
€25.00 *
MEC GAR f. CZ75/SP01 HC 17 Schuss
MEC GAR Magazine f. CZ75/Shadow/KMR 17 Schuss 9mm Luger Anti-Friction Coat
Increased capacity to 17-rounds while remaining flush-fit Redesigned tube to improve functionality, heat-treated for strength Anti-Friction Coating allows for easy loading and superior anti-corrosion Interlinked internal components
€48.50 *
MEC GAR f. P/O 14-45 14 Schuss
MEC GAR Magazine f. P14-45 - AFC .45Auto 14Schuss
€38.00 *
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