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Merkel combines traditional crafting methods of hunting rifles with the highest standards of quality and safety - and that at today's unusual vertical range of manufacture from cold forged barrel to artisanal engraving. Merkel rifles offer the shooter the power reserves of the unique Merkel top-down principle. In each rifle class, the strongest caliber defines the closure for all underlying variants. The closure of the Africa double rifle is therefore the measure of all things for all cross weapons.

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MERKEL Combined Gun (2.hand) Mod. SL III Jena 12/76 9,3x74R (1A)
MERKEL BBF Mod. SL III - Jena Zustand 1A - Baujahr 2002 *minmalste Gebrauchsspuren *fast neuwertig MERKEL SL III Einschloß-Handspanner System *BlockVerschluß m. Laufarretierung *freischwingender Kugellauf Schrotlauf auf 50m ZF...
€3,950.00 *
MERKEL Mod. Helix Alpinist
MERKEL Repeating Rifle Mod. Helix Alpinist .30-06
Für den harten jagdlichen Alltagseinsatz gibt es jetzt eine RX.HELIX Kunststoffschaft-Ausführung. Das neuartige Schaftmaterial besteht aus einem glasfaserverstärkten Verbundwerkstoff in grau mit verstellbarer Backe und...
€2,749.00 * €3,080.00 *
MERKEL f. Mod. SR1 5-Schuss
MERKEL Magazin f. Mod. SR1 5-Schuss 9.3x62
*Picture shows example.
€119.00 *
MERKEL f. Mod. SR1 5-Schuss
MERKEL Magazin f. Mod. SR1 5-Schuss .308 Win.
*Picture shows example.
€134.50 *
MERKEL Drilling: 2 Shot + Rifle Mod. 96K 12/76 8x57IRS
The basis Merkel drilling is built around the 96K three-lock system this gun is the all-rounder in the small game hunting ground. The system is a technical delicacy, which makes drillings as elegant as they are efficient. The Blitz locks...
€7,999.00 *